According to an analysis from Retail Institute Scandinavia, the climate has really increased Swedes’ awareness – and especially among the young.

»Swedish consumers today have high demands on companies that they must actively demonstrate, that they are fighting for a better world.«

While it is important for 74 per cent of Brits that products and stores have a sustainable and ethically correct profile, as much as 83% of the so-called ‘Generation Z’, which is the consumer group born after 2001, thinks it is important. According to Retail Institute Scandinavia, they are now seriously entering the retail trade. Generation Z is a segment that is extremely busy with social responsibility, sustainability and that goods are produced under appropriate conditions. And that makes an impression on their consumption patterns.

The climate will be even more in focus for consumers in the future. We can already see that they are changing habits and consumption in relation to food waste, transport and travel. There are many things that come into play and the climate is on the agenda. So it is obvious that consumers are changing their behavior then.

»Climate and sustainability are clearly in the top three among consumers, if not at the top.«

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