We reserve the right to amend, adjust or update these Terms of Use as required.

We reserve the right to change prices.


One membership costs 19.95 GBP per year (365 days). You register on the front page under “Register” and fill in the necessary information as described. The information is used in connection with invoicing.

You must insert the Save The Future badge on your website within 14 days after registering your website. Otherwise, we ask that you remove the link from our site to your site. In this context, the registration costs are not refunded.

Registration is valid from the date you have been approved and entered on the membership list.

Your membership will automatically renew if you do not cancel it before the expiration date.

Save The Future reserves the right to reject all subscriptions. We can do this without stating a reason or explanation. In addition, we also reserve the right to withdraw membership from a member with immediate effect. If this happens, you must remove the Save The Future badge from your site within 7 days.

Paid membership = the right to use the trademark + active link from the website (backlink) + Supporting Gold Stand + Supporting CO2NegativeWebsite.


You always have the option of leaving Save The Future. To do this, write to and we will remove your membership as soon as possible. If you want to leave the initiative, you must also remove the Save The Future badge from your site.


Invoicing is done for one year (365 days) at a time. Invoicing is done through the company JobInn Aps, which owns Save The Future.

Return Policy

No refunds are granted for membership in Save The Future, as it is a service that is immediately put into effect.

Save The Future cannot take responsibility or compensate for any loss of profits, damages or similar that should have occurred due to your membership in Save The Future.