Consumer habits have changed significantly in recent years. In 2019, sustainability and climate have played an important role – and that does not seem to change.

Especially for generation Z (born after 2001), it is very important that products and stores have a sustainable and ethically correct profile. Although young people spend the most on sustainable consumption, an analysis nevertheless shows that the older generation – Generation Y – is more willing to pay more if a product is produced ethically correct.

When British consumers buy goods today, according to an analysis, this is increasingly happening with focus on sustainable, environmentally friendly goods.

Climate and sustainability have been on the agenda to that extent, even with some way to go. In fact, Denmark is the leading country in the world when it comes to being climate conscious. Danes are generally more concerned with sustainability than  European neighbors such as Germany and England.

In general, the trend shows that companies cannot stand on the sidelines when it comes to green change. Companies must market themselves as climate conscious, but with marketing and commitment, a commitment will also have to be lived up to. Therefore, it is important for companies to actively stick to green and technological development.

“The consequence could otherwise be that progressive consumers turn their back on the businesses.”

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